Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Totoro: The Next Generation

My friend, being a good auntie, is introducing her niece to the wonderful world of Miyazaki films.  The kid's birthday is coming up and as part of her education in awesome she'll be getting My Neighbor Totoro on DVD.  For a fully interactive experience my friend wanted to give her a plush Totoro to go with it.  After perusing some options what she decided she wanted was something like Lumpy T and asked me to make one for her.

Revisiting the pattern after gaining some crochet skills has been an adventure in 'man, what a difference it makes when you know what the hell you're doing.'

Meet the New Totoro:

He has his own problems because while I might be a lot better at this than I was when I made Lumpy T, I am by no means a crochet super genius.  I'd be hard pressed to call me an anything super genius, but if there was something in which my geniusness was super it wouldn't be crochet.

But still.  Have a helpful comparison shot:

I'd like to point out that I didn't change the pattern in any way- that's the size he's supposed to be. 

Another comparison shot:

I don't want to play favorites.  Lumpy T may be problematic but I love him.  In fact, I'm kind of wishing that I hadn't stuffed the New Totoro quite so firmly- he may avoid lumpiness in the future this way, but he's not nearly as squashable.  Besides, even though Lumpy T's eyes are crazy pinwheels at least I placed them better.

I like to think that while I'm not around Lumpy T and New Totoro will get up to crazy adventures. 

'Whooo Arrrre Yooooou?'

Have fun guys.  At least until New Totoro goes to his new home.  Hope he works out there.

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