Friday, July 2, 2010

Best Laid Plans

When I started this blog I intended there to be a minimum of life-related blathering.  Mostly because my life is not an exciting adventure and can best be summed up as, 'Today I watched Law and Order reruns.  Then I farted around on the internet.'  Sometimes kittens are involved.

I've told the Boyfriend this but he doesn't entirely believe me.  Mostly because he knows there's very little I enjoy more than pointing out things he does that I think are funny to other people.  Even if we don't agree on the 'it's funny' part.

I've told you that to show you this:

When I came into the office today I found a couple of notes on several stacked post-its that the Boyfriend left for me last night.  This is the second one.  Because of some not family friendly language I've put the rest of the note after the jump.

Note the first.

Note the second.

Note the third.

Note the fourth.

Note the fifth. 
And because he made such a point about asking me not to do something that I had no intention of doing in the first place... well.  I just had to put it up here.   And now you know a key facet of my personality: I'm contrary but even more so if I think I'll get a giggle out of it.

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