Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I just have a lot of feelings

Woo!  New skill.

Yesterday was so full of hate I can't seem to talk about the fun things I did without that bleeding through.  So, I'm going to get all of that out of the way right now.   There were no major tragedies, just a bunch of small annoyances and an irritable mood I couldn't seem to shake.  Morning pot of coffee tasted awful, the kittens have been sick and aren't improving, I had to frog the left front of a cardigan after almost finishing it (more on this later), and had an inability to translate what was in my head through my hands and onto paper.

I tried some of the usual silly cheer up things I do, like painting my nails a fun color and wearing an awesome hat but they were less than effective.

 It has earflaps and alpaca on it.  Best hat ever.

How can you not be happy wearing this hat?  I don't know, but I managed it.

But that's enough about my Very Important Feelings.

Sunday was the Boyfriend and my anniversary so he took me to the Knitting Nest to pick out a present.  Because he's a fantastic enabler.  While there I saw there was a class for  basket coiling the next day and signed me and my dad up.  Pater also enjoys making things (I need to show you pictures of his leather work.  He produces amazing things) and like me enjoys playing with rope and strings.  We attempted to learn fancy work (in Pater's case relearn) but ran out of steam so I thought this might be more our speed.

The class was taught by Olivia Cuenca who was very patient with our false starts.  Uh, I mean, I was immediately a coiling master because I am perfect.  Don't let anyone tell you otherwise.  And I just want to say now, for the record, that I am in love with coiling.  I'm still eyeing the clothesline because I really want to re-purpose it into a basket for yarn-y notions.  Never mind that I, you know, need the clothesline.

Once I get the hang of it and don't have to think about what I'm doing constantly I can see this as another 'keep my hands busy' activity.  And probably more useful than some of my others.  Though I still maintain that making friendship bracelets is a perfectly fine hobby for an adult to indulge in.

Awesome: y/y?

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