Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kelpbed Socks


Finished my socks.  I'm pretty pleased with them, the yarn's color plus the leaf pattern reminds me of kelp.  Hence the name.  Aren't I terribly clever?  If I were to make this 'pattern' again, though, I think I'd make some changes.


Here's a close up of the lace pattern.  Not the greatest photo, but it turns out that taking a picture of the back of my own leg involves some contortions I'm no longer capable of doing properly.  I've also apparently inherited my dad's penchant for 'find the mistakes!' so all I can see is the wonky yarn over.  Pater and I own at Where's Waldo, so I suppose it has it's upsides.

Chart, woo!

Here's the altered chart I used for the lace pattern.  I went ahead and wrote it out for flat knitting just in case.  Sorry it's handwritten on practically invisible grids, if anyone wants me to type out the steps instead I can do that.

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