What is this?

Sometimes I make things.  And sometimes I want people to see them.

A specific place for my creative endeavors and my attempt to make them something between a hobby and a job.  Probably more with the hobby than the jobby.

I make no promises not to talk about cats, cephalopods and/or cookies.

Who are you?


I live in Austin and run a cat rescue focusing primarily on orphaned kittens that need to be bottle fed.  I also make things.  I've been knitting for about 9 years, crocheting for 3.  I'm trying to get more into the design side of things with varied success.

I also try to make art.  Mostly pen and ink drawing.  I also love colored pencils.  And gluing bits of paper to other bits of paper (not nearly good enough to call it collage.)  I occasionally make the foray into other media, but nothing consistently.  And I'm absolute crap at taking photographs.