Friday, February 4, 2011


Ok, I feel as though I should put in a disclaimer here at the top. Despite it becoming a more regular occurrence*, I'm still floored by the fact that, yes, it will snow in central Texas.

And while today's showing wouldn't even register on the ''what is real snow' scale, I'm still thrilled at my snow day. Despite the fact that in order for it to actually be a snow day I'd have to be somewhere besides my butt dent on the couch. Ever.

Those of you from colder climes who are probably well and truly sick of winter are free to make fun of me for being perpetually five.

Look, it beats the pants off of weeks of hundred plus temperatures, ok? I'm used to those.

After being told it'd snow last night, first thing I did once the sun was up was take a peek out the back door.

Then I had the immediate need to go outside and play with it. Actually remembered to put on shoes and coat first, something I'm not always capable of managing when I have 'outside, yay!' urges,

This is what waited right outside the front door. It actually crunched when I walked on it. Hee!

The bushes by the door look downright edible now. I know intellectually snow is not frosting but when the only time you're ever really exposed to it is on gingerbread houses you get ideas.

Panoramic view of the neighborhood. All snowy and awesome.

It soon became clear that I hadn't shut the door properly behind me when Junior came running out, happy for freedom after being kept Inside for the last few days. Only to skid to a stop and throw me a rather accusing look because outside had gone all funny:

He had a few minutes of fun before I dragged us both inside because brrrrr!

Didn't stop him from protesting though.

My niece apparently has grand plans for today that seem to involve all of going of to the grandparents' house to stand in a circle and throw snowballs at each other. I imagine she'll get the hang of snowball fights eventually.

*Usually in February and usually after a few weeks of 'oh jesus it's hot' weather.


  1. I live in that bastion of bad weather, the UK.
    We regularly get some snow and I have never outgrown it. Heavy snow pretty much brought us to a standstill before xmas but I was smiling all the time.

    You enjoy the snow while it is there and poot to those miserable old fools who complain about not being able to get to work.

    Ungrow up people!

  2. I'll take snow over sub-zero temps anytime! Have fun. And remember--don't eat yellow snow.