Wednesday, February 9, 2011

How Not to Spend a Rainy Morning

Or Why Can't I Do Anything in a Straight Line?

Aside from my old lady bones hurting, I can tell that I need to take a break from knitting when I wear a notch into my right thumbnail from rubbing it against the needle to move my stitches. I don't know why something so simple and not that weird skeeves me out so badly, but it does,

I still have a pile of things to get done; despite making what feels like considerable progress I still don't seem to have anything much to show for it. I know I can't be the only one this happens to, right? Where you're chugging right along and feeling good and then you check your 'to-do' list and decide that you might as well be farting around on the Internet anyway if that's all you've managed to finish.

Substitute your procrastination tool of choice, obviously.

At any rate, I took the night (and by extension this morning because I keep vampire hours) off from the sticks and strings. But being incapable of sitting still I decided that it was probably time to make a sleeve for my iPad.

I busted out the fabric leftovers from making the Boyfriend's mom's Christmas present measured multiple times (proof I'm capable of learning), did some math and got to stitching. And here's what I have:

I know it doesn't look like the total waste of time and fabric that it was, but allow me to demonstrate:

That's as far in as I can wedge the pad. Awesome. And why, despite my measuring and math and whatnot did I manage to make this too small?

Let's zoom in on a clear example:

Yep. It appears as though straight lines and I still don't get along very well. I probably should have been able to see this coming from how misshapen then patchwork was looking while I was pressing the seams, but I powered through, hoping through magic and wishing it'd come together. Clearly it didn't.

While having a useless sack is sort of frustrating, at least I have this to comfort me:

Oh yeah, I'm set to try again once I undo the filing job I did to get rid of the creepy notch. Though I'm tempted to dive in now that I've got my sewing legs back under me and can stitch in a sort of straight line again. Or possibly do something sensible like wait until I can borrow Mater's machine.

Note to self: get the sewing machine living in your guest bedroom repaired, this is getting beyond ridiculous.


  1. I've just managed to knit a jumper with a 32" chest. (My chest is not 32"). So yes I have nothing to show for anything.

    The bad craft Karma cloud will pass over ;-).

  2. Oh no! I hope you can salvage your sweater. I'd honestly just want to cry and then possibly set it on fire. Because I try to solve all problems with fire.

  3. I used the magic and wishing thing on a dog sweater recently. Poor dog looked like a sausage in that sweater, a sausage dog with it's butt sticking out of one end. Live and learn.