Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Making Plans

Every year I buy a planner/date book/ diary/ agenda/ what have you and compulsively mark everyone's birthdays with stickers, make up elaborate color codes and all sorts of nerdy nonsense in a desperate bid to be the least bit organized.  And when I remember to a) have my date book with me at all times so that I can actually write in it and b) remember to check it, at all, ever it's a very useful thing.  But neither a nor b happens on the regular.  No one is shocked.

Apparently what I needed to do was write down in last years planner to buy a new one for this year.  At least then I'd have a chance of remembering before the pickings got slim.  Something tells me it's wrong to for a voting adult to have a Justin Bieber Homework Planner.*  And I definitely need one, even if I'm not the best at using it.  If only for hair cut appointments.  Speaking of Bieber, these bangs are out of control.  It's ok, I wasn't too attached to seeing or anything, but I seem to be doing my best to grow a femmullet and that is very much not ok.  Curly hair doesn't lend itself to DIY haircuts, but I'm about to give it a go anyway.

No matter how stupid it looks, it's better than a mullet.

Back to the point: planners!  I have had a nutty but possibly brilliant idea.  I have a spare pocket sized note book.  I have a ruler.  Onward, to making my own date book.  Maybe.  Because while making my own would spare me the embarrassment of pulling out my Team Jacob ♥ planner in front of other people, this may be a project too anal retentive even for me.

Thus far I've made it mostly through most of March without setting it on fire out of boredom and frustration.  Though I have killed a pen.  To be fair, it was probably on it's last legs, but still.  At any rate, the exciting bits aren't the lines and my awful printing.  No, the exciting bits are that at the beginning of each month I've done a doodle.  Well, so far I just have January:

I have decided that if I can manage to finish it this year (April will have to wait until I find a replacement pen.  I know I have another package around here somewhere.) that next year I ought to use a sturdier notebook.  Because the paper in this one is so thin media choice is pretty limited.

I'll be sure to pencil that in toward the end of December.  Or at least on one of the blank pages after March.

*A Justin Timberlake Homework Planner on the other hand.... I can't pretend that I wouldn't spend good money on that because heeeee.


  1. oh oh I am just lik this! I write everyone's birthdays in and then I feel like I am in CONTROL. This year I have bouhgt a big intimidating black hardback diary. Every day i record every penny I spent and write a diary entry...being limited to one page makes it easier. In previous years I have also made my own, but they didn't have pretty pictures like yours! No one is as organised or as grown up as us folk with diaries. I suspect that, if a nuclear bomb were to be dropped on the UK, my children and I could shelter underneath the diary and its all seeing and all knowing power would protect us from all the fallout.

  2. @Naomi. Putting in all the birthdays is probably the best bit, and I'm not just saying that because I like stickers. Onc I've got that part done I just know I'm on top of things.

    I have to admit, I like the idea of using a diary for short journal entries so much I'm regretting setting up this one in a weekly format as opposed to a daily one. Maybe I'll switch over for April and just have a rather eccentric looking diary.

    That can protect me from all manner of disaster, I'm sure.