Friday, November 26, 2010

Science, A Word Please.

I love living in the future, don't get me wrong.  But not gonna lie, there have been some disappointments.  I mean, jet packs aren't widely available nor are flying cars.  I may be able to have a Roomba to vacuum for me, but I'd rather have Rosie from the Jetsons.  This is only marginally assuaged by being able to carry the internet in my pocket and rarely getting lost because the car knows where it's going (for the most part) now.

But I think I've come up with a way for Science to make it up to me that I'm not currently writing this from Moon Base 37.

Penny and Bianca, two of our fosters, are in the full swing of the 3 AM crazies.  Every night.  Every night they entertain themselves by thundering around the bedroom and are really making way too much noise given their actual mass.  I compared them to tiny elephants.  And then it struck me: tiny elephants!

I want a tiny elephant. If we can make goats that produce spider silk in their milk and if I could manage to make glow in the dark bacteria in my 'Biology for Non-Science Majors' course when I was 19 surely we can get on making exotic pocket pets.

I rather imagine it would go something like this:

Walks are very important for your elephant's health.

Once you start thinking about tiny exotic animals your mind will reel at the possibilities.  Can you imagine having a whale small enough to keep in a fish tank?  Sign me up for that, please.

You can already buy brine shrimp at the pet store.

When telling Pater of my cunning plan he said that he'd rather have saber tooth house cats.  I can see the appeal, and it would probably be more feasible than my dream tiny elephant.

Tuxedo markings - the classiest cat coloring.

So just a heads up, Science.  You're on notice.  Start making my dreams come true.


  1. OH OH OH! I want a pony that fits in my purse!

  2. YES! That would be awesome. And you could get it tiny outfits like people do for dogs. A pony in a Christmas sweater would make my heart grow three sizes.

  3. Already there, depending on the size of your purse.

    Pocket Pony

  4. That tiny elephant is the cutest gd thing I've ever seen.

  5. weirdly belated but LOVE the elephant...i may make myself a toy one and put it on wheels to tow around and then people will call me crazy elephant lady...(while thinking does she know that it's not a real elephant?) avoid the shame, please may i embroider your drawing for my own delight? your drawings are fab (and funny)...PLEASE DO MORE (shouted encouragingly, not meanly)