Friday, September 10, 2010

To Boldy Go

I've decided to fulfill a life long dream.  But before I can tell you what it is I have to make a confession that will startle few people: I'm a giant nerd.  No, really.  I'm co-hermitating with an engineer and yet I routinely out-geek him.  As long as it doesn't involve physics (unless normal force is referred to as 'gremlin force', then I might be able to get somewhere) I am a trivia knowing, comic book reading, fandom bouncing dork queen who talks in internet memes.

My idea of a good party is when no one looks at me funny when I start ranting about the way Star Wars follows the archetypal hero's journey as laid out by Joseph Campbell in The Hero with a Thousand Faces and how the prequels fell flat because Lucas moved away from the monomyth after I've had a few glasses of wine.

I should probably try to get out more.

But back to that life long dream thing.  Since it's become obvious that I probably won't live to see the formation of the United Federation of Planets let alone get to join Starfleet the next best thing is Halloween.

7 year old resa is crushed.  CRUSHED 

And so, this year will see my debut as the original series' Lt. Uhura.  YES.  I am determined.  Even if the Boyfriend is now nervous that someone we know will find out about this since I'm letting the internet know that not only am I a Trekkie but I'm that sort of Trekkie.  Thanks for the support, jackass.*

It seems that this costume is going to take a certain amount of determination.  Because while I could go buy a licensed  Star Trek uniform that seems silly.  It would be expensive, made out of awful material and I'd like a little more fabric between my butt and the world.  I want to be just like Uhura in a lot of ways, but having to wear matching underpants because they would inevitably be shown is too much.

So, I've been on a quest.  To find a long sleeved a-line dress pattern.  That had the right sort of silhouette.  And could be made out of a lightweight material because Texas = Mercury.  And would be within my still beginner sewing abilities.  It's been harder than I expected.  I found a few candidates, though they may not meet the 'within my abilities' stipulation.  I foresee several evenings of Mater patiently pushing me out of the way and recommending I go watch TV with Pater after having to see me flap about because 'this is hard and I'm awful and I'm going to ruin it forever and then kill myself in a tragic sewing machine accident because wharrgarrbl.'  Sometimes I don't know how she puts up with me.

I also went and got a new hair cut.  I told my stylist that I've been on a mod kick lately, which is true, but didn't tell her that Star Trek's what's kicked off the renewed interest.

Silly photos are silly.

It's not straight up mod, I decided that since it'd be a pretty drastic change from my usual 'it looks kinda good even if it is sticking up' cut and I needed to ease into it if I were to be expected to style it.  By which I mean brush it.  Ever.  And hey, I've got actual bangs for the first time ever.  Wheeee.

*He wants to point out since I'm airing our business that he's a funny jackass, not a mean jackass.  I tend to agree.


  1. Hey short skirts were a necessity when running away from the Klingon empire. You don't need excess material getting in the way of your knees.

    That guff will never take off anyway, I mean, doors that open themselves and mobile communications devices? What a dreamer!

    Geeks are cool, I am a serious geek and proud of it.

    The Geek shall inherit a smurf as they say. I buck convention and liked the prequels, episode three closed 30 years of my life and is my second favourite after empire. Know what you mean about the whole complexity thing though. There are times when you think what the hell am I watching now.

    But Yoda with his light sabre out would do it for any true nerd.

    Right, I'm off to bullseye whomprats.

  2. YOUR HAIR IS SO CUTE! And also I think your Halloween costume idea is the best ever because I am just as big a nerd as you in different ways.

    I'm getting a fancy computer for my birthday and am telling myself I am not allowed to install Warcraft on it. Then I was like "Well, Resa and I could play and start a guild and it would be JUST LIKE SOCIALIZING BECAUSE WE KNOW EACH OTHER IN REAL LIFE".

    ...don't let me do it, Resa.